vendredi 16 octobre 2009

“La fleur de sel” a gift from the sky, sea and wind

Certain summer days, between the 15th of June until the 15th of September, just when the weather is dry and the sun is shining intensely, a fine grain forms on the surface of the water: “la fleur de sel”. The “fleur de sel “ is gathered using the tools and techniques that are three centuries old. The quantities gatehred can be very small if there is too much rain. It’s color is pure white because it is never in contact with the bottom of the salty marsh. Once collected, it is dried by the wind and the sun, and does not need washing or grinding, and is totally natural. with its smell, flavor, crumbly crystals and slight humidity which dissolves on your plate is a product that should be on all tables next to some quality ground pepper.

The fleur de sel is not used for cooking, but is sprinkled directly on the food of your choice just before eating.

Our fleur de sel comes from a magnificent salt marsh called the “The Valencières” situated close to the Bay of Bourgneuf, not far from the Noirmoutier. Leaving the vendéenne Camargue, this unknown region is magnificent. One also finds delicious oysters here. If you pass by here, go visit with Saulnier, Thierry Odéon, who will be happy to explain how his salt marsh functions.

Le Sel rose de l’Himalaya (Pink rock salt of Himalaya) : rock salt of rare purity, extracted from the foot hills of the Himalayan mountains which have been carried down in backpacks by the local tribes . It is the iron contained in the salt which gives it its rose color.

Le Sel noir d’Hawai (Black Hawaiian salt) : blocks of lava have immerged in lakes that enrich the seawater and mineral salts; these crystals of black salt are formed, and are full of charcoal. A spectaculaire final touch on your plate!

Le sel fumé (smoked salt) : this sea salt is smoked under a bonfire of logs. Its taste is strong and wonderful!

Très “tendance” (trendy) at the moment, the aromatic salts are the “sel fou” that contain red pepper but also black truffles, the mixture tex-mex, with scallions and other mixtures that are enticing for the palate.

We prefer the “Fleur de Sel Vendéenne” for its subtle, delicate flavor, its health benefits, ; It’s simple perfect!

“Savoir vivre” Good Tip :

It is the norm to not use your knife to cut your salad. But, this rule is fast becoming a “has been”. Formerly, the contact with the vinegar would oxidize the knife blade, carusing an ugly dark knife, plus ruin the taste of the salad. Today, it is preferred to use your knife rather than have to chew on a large leaf of batavia!